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Before the introduction of Rubric in 2020, KSA had a fragmented and manual system for managing club information, events, and finances. The lack of a centralized platform led to challenges such as:

  • Difficulty in tracking club activities and financial transactions.
  • Time-consuming processes, such as manually entering files for every club.
  • Disorganization, with documents and information scattered across different locations.
Before Rubric, it was a mess. There was no streamlined process and too many things happening at too many places.
Gurnoor Virk
Gurnoor Virk
Clubs & Outreach Manager
Kwantlen Student Association


The introduction of Rubric provided a unified and streamlined platform for KSA to manage its operations.

Key Features Appreciated:

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Rubric student reports platform
For KSA, the transition to Rubric was pretty easy. Everyone from the Rubric team was super helpful so it didn’t feel like we were just given this new software and left alone.


While there was some initial hesitation among clubs about adopting a new platform, their concerns were quickly alleviated. The transition for KSA was smooth and straightforward. Our hands-on approach ensured that they were never left in the dark, making the shift to Rubric seamless and hassle-free.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Increased Efficiency: The centralized system has drastically reduced the time spent searching for information, with estimates suggesting that half of the day is now freed up due to Rubric.
  • Enhanced Data Security: With all data stored online on Rubric, concerns about information leaks or breaches have been minimized.
  • Ease of Transition: If a club member graduates, passing on account credentials and information becomes straightforward.
Purple hourglass half day workload slashed
I’d be heartbroken [without Rubric], don’t go anywhere please.

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