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Transform your institution with Rubric and integrated QPay products. Rubric directly plugs in with your exisiting systems and also provides other powerful platforms for certain stakeholders at your institution. This eliminates the need to replace your exisiting processes and provides a value add on top of your current technology stack. 

Rubric Platform

The platform that connects all products in the QPay ecosystem, including Rubric Campus app, Clubs and UniHub platforms. The Rubric platform is a powerful  data visualisation tool which helps in simplifying data  collected from all student interactions and feedback through the various products, allowing institutions to identify at risk students.


Rubric recognises the value of existing IT systems institutions are using for student engagement. Rubric plugs into existing SIS, LMS, SSO and experience management systems, avoiding unnecessary capital and resource costs. Through API’s student data and interactions are securely collected and processed in real time, giving up to date results to institutions to make key decisions on student satisfaction. 


Rubric Campus App

The Rubric Campus App is a central hub for students to access academic and personalised information, communicate with others, and feel a sense of connection to their institution. This app enhances the student experience by fostering a sense of community and offering personalized resources through an innovative feedback mechanism that takes into account each student’s individual needs.

Clubs Platform

A platform for student executives to manage everything about their organisation, including memberships, event ticketing, merchandise and communication. With an integrated e-commerce solution, payments and transactions are securely processed on the platform, giving executives the ability to provide value to their student members and campus experience.

Rubric for Unions Platform

A smart platform for student associations, unions and guilds that connects with QPay’s Club platform. It provides administrators with the tools to manage all their affiliated student groups, including funding, compliance processes and event approvals. With the existing integration, the platform collates important student group data to generate automated engagement and financial reports.


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