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Affiliating clubs is a crucial activity for student unions, guilds and student associations. We’ve streamlined this process to make it efficient and user-friendly. This guide will take you through the steps of affiliating your clubs and managing their applications.

Getting started with affiliation

Creating affiliation form(s)

Starting with affiliation? Head to the Forms section on the portal and click into Forms Manager. This is where you can create forms for your affiliation process. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on creating forms, please refer to our comprehensive Forms article in the help center.

Making affiliation forms accessible to clubs

After you set a form to active, it will show up in the Forms section on each club’s portal. And for wider reach, feel free to share these forms on your website or social media channels.

Setting up multiple affiliation forms

You have the flexibility to create several affiliation forms for various stages of the affiliation process. These forms will appear as sequential steps on the portal’s Affiliation page.

Clubs need to complete and have the first form approved before moving to the next, ensuring a smooth and orderly process.

Managing submissions

To start managing affiliation submissions, simply navigate to Clubs and then select Affiliation

Overview of pending submissions

In the first table, you’ll see a list of pending submissions, which includes the following:

  • Club name
  • Form submission: The name of the submitted form.
  • Reference 
  • Stage: For multiple stages in the process, this column makes it easy to identify the current stage.
  • Submitted: The date the form was submitted.
  • Special answer: If you’ve designated any questions in your form as ‘special answers’, you can quickly view these responses here, without having to open the entire form.
  • All club forms: A shortcut to the Club File page where you can view all forms submitted by the club.
  • Quick actions: Approve or reject submissions right from this table. Upon clicking either, you’ll get a customizable email template to communicate your decision to the club. Add notes or attach files to provide clarity, especially useful if a submission is rejected. The clubs will receive this email, and if a form is rejected, they won’t need to start from scratch – they can simply update their responses in the pre-filled form and resubmit.
  • Actions – Click here to:
    • Edit: Directly edit responses in a submitted form.
    • View outcome note: Check the full notes you added when deciding the outcome of a submission.
    • Archive response: Remove a submission from the table, effectively archiving it.

View all clubs (affiliated and non-affiliated)

At the bottom of the Affiliation page is a detailed table that includes both your affiliated clubs and those that haven’t completed the affiliation process. This table gives you a bird’s-eye view of all the clubs under your wing. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Club name: Lists all clubs, including the affiliation year for those already affiliated.
  • Club email: The primary email contact for each club.
  • Joined: The date each club’s account was created.
  • Manual Action: Shows the current affiliation status. You have the option to manually affiliate or disaffiliate a club by clicking here.

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