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Inefficient processes

ANUSA previously operated on a larger club counseling model, which was significantly slower and less efficient. This model, heavily dependent on voluntary students, often resulted in inconsistent and delayed processes.

Inadequate communication and documentation

There was a struggle to effectively communicate necessary forms and procedures to students. Additionally, the reliance on a manual form system hindered accurate record-keeping, particularly in managing club grants and budget allocations.

Financial management and transparency issues

The lack of a sophisticated system resulted in poor understanding and tracking of how budgets were being utilized. This posed difficulties in maintaining transparency and accuracy in financial reporting, essential for audits and student reviews.

Features appreciated

Funding is just the most useful tool for easily tracking grant spending and upcoming grants. The centralised affiliation and reaffiliation forms have also been a huge help, especially now as we approach our reaffiliation period. It's truly reduced my workload significantly.
Patrick ANUSA
Patrick Stephenson
Clubs & SEEF Administrator
ANU Students' Association


Efficiency boost in operations

Rubric’s streamlined interface and digital form access drastically cut down on the time needed for approving club expenditures and granting funds, marking a significant leap in operational productivity.

Improved communication and record-keeping

The platform established clearer communication pathways, offering easy-to-follow guidance for students. Its robust data storage capabilities ensured the accuracy and completeness of records, improving the management of historical financial and operational data.

User adoption and satisfaction

The efficiency and user-friendly design of Rubric have been widely appreciated, making it an integral tool for ANUSA.

Rubric has really helped us speed up our process, work more efficiently internally and keep more complete records of what we’re doing. It’s very easy on our end and clubs seem to find it satisfactory.

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