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One of the things that I appreciate a lot is the support that I get from Rubric. They are always timely with their responses.

Why Rubric?

Murdoch Guild turned to Rubric in 2020 to centralize and streamline the management of club processes. The platform became an integral tool, used for:

  • Handling various forms such as club registration, grant applications, and event applications.
  • Selling tickets for guild events.
  • Sending out bulk emails and SMSes to students and clubs.
Rubric student app module
Rubric form submission module
I like being able to manage all my forms under one platform and to customize messages when I approve or reject applications with just a click.
Sarah Tjing
Sarah Tjing
Student Engagement Manager
Murdoch Guild

Features appreciated

Benefits & outcomes

With Rubric, Murdoch Guild has been able to:

  • Streamline and centralize club processes, reducing administrative burden.
  • Improve communication efficiency with clubs and students.
  • Rely on proactive and responsive support for any challenges faced.
We've been using Rubric since 2020 and it's been instrumental in overseeing club activity and managing admin tasks. With intuitive features and great support, it's been a game-changer for us.

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