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Before adopting Rubric, UNSA faced significant challenges with their previous platform, UniOne, particularly in club management and website maintenance. The platform was not user-friendly, causing significant delays and additional costs for even minor website changes, and the provider’s lack of responsiveness hindered effective service to their large student base. These challenges severely impacted the student association’s operations, especially in managing club activities and membership services.

Solution & Implementation

Rubric’s collaboration with UNSA focused on a smooth and efficient software integration. The key outcomes of this crucial phase were:

Personalized support to implement the platform

Hands-on training and dedicated assistance for smooth transition

Intuitive design and easy-to-navigate features for quick adoption by staff

The implementation of Rubric for our clubs was really personalized, which goes above and beyond. The attention and support we received has really enhanced our experience, making it straightforward to train additional staff and significantly improving satisfaction across our clubs.
Jen Hanson
General Manager
University of Newcastle Student's Association


Club Management

Club execs reported greater satisfaction due to the intuitive design simplifying club management tasks.

Event Planning

Using the platform’s robust event tool, UNSA and its clubs orchestrated over 385 diverse events this year, enriching student engagement.


A user-friendly interface markedly reduced administrative time, leading to a noticeable boost in staff productivity at UNSA.


By consolidating multiple functions into one platform, UNSA saved on operational costs and streamlined its technological investments.

Rubric helps us manage all aspects of our value offering for students. It's intuitive, cost-effective, and incredibly user-friendly. Our students and staff love the all-in-one platform for its simplicity and efficiency. It's transformed our operations and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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