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Clubs Overview

Looking to gain insights into your affiliated clubs and their executives? You’ve landed in the right spot. This section will walk you through managing clubs in the Rubric portal, including accessing club files/forms and executive information.

Club Management

Here, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of your clubs’ activities on Rubric.

As you scroll down, you’ll see a complete list of clubs and societies from your university. For each club, easily view details like:

  • Society Name
  • Affiliation Status
  • Email Address
  • Club Type
  • Number of Events Organized This Year
  • Membership Count for the Year
  • Total Sales from Memberships, Events, or Merchandise
  • Account Creation Date
  • Last Connection Date
  • Access Permission (indicating if you can log into their account)

Simply click on any club name for a detailed view of their activities. This includes a sales overview (for memberships, tickets, and merchandise), executive details, all submitted forms, and any funding requests they’ve made.

Club Files

Dive into detailed insights from forms filled out by clubs in this section. At the top, you’ll find a quick summary showing the number of submissions and their statuses – whether they’re pending, approved, or rejected.

Further down, there’s a comprehensive list of all clubs that have submitted forms during the year, along with the count of forms each club submitted. For a closer look at the forms submitted by each club, simply click on the “View” button next to their name.

Club Execs

Need to find contact details for a specific club executive? You’ve come to the right place. Think of this section as your go-to directory — the Yellow Pages for club execs. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive list that includes:

  • Executive Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Society Names
  • Affiliation Statuses

Plus, for added convenience, this list is fully exportable.

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