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Connect with your members or student leaders through email. Our intuitive email builder simplifies crafting and sending messages.

Setting up an email campaign

  1. Login 
    • Navigate to the Communicate tab in the main menu.
    • Click on Send Emails.
  2. Choose your template
    • Select from the list of pre-designed templates or choose Custom HTML for starting a regular email. You can also opt to create and save your own template for future convenience.
  3. Select your recipients
    • Choose the target audience(s) for your email from the displayed lists. The number in brackets next to each list indicates the potential number of recipients. Note: The actual recipient count may vary due to factors like unprovided email addresses, duplicates, or unsubscribes.
  4. Schedule your campaign 
    • Start: Determine the start date and time for your campaign.
    • Stop: Set an end date and time to conclude sending emails. Setting a future end date automates the email process, continuously engaging new qualifying members or attendees.
  5. Craft your email
    • Decide on a compelling subject line for your email.
    • Design your email, customizing each block of content as needed. This can include adjustments to text, color, alignment, margins, or adding new blocks. Personalize your email further with special fields for a unique touch.
  6. Test your email
    • Preview your email by sending a test version to yourself.
  7. Send your campaign
    • Once satisfied, submit your campaign to send it out to your selected recipients. If you’re not ready, save it as a draft to edit and send later.


Editing your campaign

Every campaign can be edited, duplicated or archived. Simply head to Communicate > Campaign Manager to get started. Here, locate the campaign you wish to modify and click on the three dots under the Actions tab. Then, select the desired action:

  • Edit: Adjust the content of your email campaign at any time. Once saved, the changes will apply immediately, affecting all subsequent emails sent to new recipients on your list.
  • Duplicate: Want to reuse a successful campaign with a few tweaks? Duplication allows you to replicate the campaign, making it easy to adjust and launch again.
  • Archive: Choose to archive a campaign to remove it from your campaign dashboard. Please note, this action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Tracking your campaigns

After launching a campaign, Rubric allows you to easily track its performance and gather valuable insights.

To review your campaign’s progress, simply head to Communicate > Campaign Manager and access your campaign history. For detailed analytics, click on the 3 dots under the Action tab, then on Details for a comprehensive breakdown of each campaign’s performance metrics, including:

  • Total Recipients: The total count of individuals your campaign aimed to reach.
  • Successful Deliveries: The number of emails that were successfully delivered to recipients’ inboxes.
  • Unique Opens: The number of distinct recipients who opened the email, showcasing initial engagement.
  • Total Opens: The cumulative number of times the email was opened, potentially more than the total number of recipients.
  • Unique Clicks: The number of recipients who clicked on a link within the email, indicating active interaction.
  • Total Clicks: The total number of clicks across all links within the email, demonstrating the content’s appeal.
  • Campaign Performance: A graphical representation of the open and click rates over time, giving you a visual insight into the campaign’s effectiveness.
  • Recipient List: A detailed list of all recipients, including delivery status and time for your campaign, along with the number of clicks and opens for each.

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