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Welcome to Rubric! Your all-in-one solution for administrative management, student engagement and student services. The following steps will guide you through the platform so you can make the most of its powerful features.

What is Rubric?

Rubric is best described as an all-in-one solution tailored for student unions and associations, including a wide range of modules:

  • Club Overview – Oversee affiliated clubs and societies, track their sizes, activity levels, and event types efficiently.
  • Forms – Digitize forms for streamlined approvals.
  • Club Affiliation – Simplify the affiliation process for new and existing clubs with an automated, step-by-step approach.
  • Club Funding – Streamline club funding applications with automated workflows and direct debit transfers.
  • Elections & Voting – Facilitate secure online elections with nomination, voting, and real-time tracking features.
  • Memberships – Create, manage and issue memberships quickly and effectively with digital membership passes and exclusive deals and discounts.
  • Events – Create and manage your events with extra benefits like membership validation.
  • Merchandise – Set up and manage your online store, including handling discounts, tracking orders, and facilitating in-person sales.
  • Email – Send out blast emails to execs, clubs, and students using customizable templates and built-in analytics.
  • SMS – Connect swiftly with club execs and students, personalizing your text messages for meaningful engagement.
  • Link-in-bio – Centralize your student union’s activities in one place, making it easy for students to discover and get involved.
  • Student Engagement App – Engage students with campus events and activities with real-time notifications.
  • Integrated Club’s Directory – Display all clubs on your website for easy exploration.
  • Integrated Event Calendar – Showcase club events on your website for easy promotion.
  • Student Engagement Reports – Gain insights into student engagement patterns on campus.
  • User Database – Access student details securely and quickly.
  • Finances – Track campus sales and manage club settlements effortlessly.
  • Tutoring & Mentoring: Facilitate academic support by connecting students with tutors.
  • Case Management: Streamline student case handling and documentation.
  • Volunteering: Facilitate and manage student volunteering opportunities.
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